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Women Suffer From Vision Problems More Than Men.

They are:

Take Care of Yourself

Quit smoking.

Take nutritional supplements.

Expectant mothers should be aware of possible vision changes during pregnancy. Watch Video

Pregnancy and  Your Vision

Women who have diabetes or gestational diabetes should visit their eye doctor.

Other things you can do to protect your vision for life:

  • Wear UV-blocking sunglasses and a brimmed hat outdoors
  • Learn of any family history of eye disease
  • Use cosmetics safely
  • Use contact lenses safely

Women as Caregivers

Women often make the majority of their family’s health care decisions. In addition to being responsible for their own health, women are often responsible as caregivers for the health care choices of their children, partners, spouse, and aging parents.

Content courtesy of Prevent Blindness

Women's Eye Health

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