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Computer Glasses Are Redefining the Primary Pair Our consumption of media has changed drastically in just the past five years. More people are using multiple devices simultaneously. Children’s textbooks are on tablets. Grandma is on Snap Chat. Beyond entertainment and social media, our workplace productivity requires even more digital media proficiency. On patient intake forms 8, 10, 12 hours per day in front of a screen are common responses. It is time to stop talking about computer glasses as the “second pair.”

When most of the patient’s waking hours are spent in front of a screen computer glasses are the primary pair. Many of the annoying, chronic conditions associated with Digital Eye Strain such as blurred vision, headaches and fatigue are likely plaguing your patients. Just as technology has posed challenges to vision care and correction, technology has also brought about solutions. There are several excellent choices in lens designs (iD Space, Screen, Zoom as well as Sync and Tact), materials (BluTech) and AR treatments (Recharge) that will help you help your patients. In addition, it is often advantageous to offer computer glasses as the primary pair when ordering through the larger vision plans.

It is 2019. The computer pair is redefining the primary pair of glasses.

Computer Glasses Are Redefining the Primary Pair – HOYA
Why Computer Glasses are Redefining the Primary Pair of Glasses

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