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Does cold weather make your eyes water? Are your eyes burning, dry or sore? Learn how cold weather can affect your eyes and how to cope with eye problems.


Cold weather and watery eyes

You notice tears most when you cry, but your eyes produce them constantly. Tears lubricate your eye and wash away irritants, such as dust. They also protect it from the environment, including cold temperatures and wind. In this situation, your eyes can produce enough tears that you notice them.

Watery eyes can be worse when you are active in cold weather, such as riding a bike or running. Being out on a cold, blustery day can also make your eyes water. Wearing goggles for outdoor activities can help. Sunglasses can also reduce the irritation that causes watery eyes. Learn more about winter eye protection.

Are your eyes burning?

Cold can also make your eyes feel irritated. Never force your eyes open in strong wind or severe cold. Your cornea, the clear tissue covering the front of your eye, can freeze.

Call an eye doctor right away if you have these symptoms in cold weather:

  • Pain
  • Vision loss or blurry vision
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Stiff eyelid, or eyelid that twitches or “jumps”

You can reach Oregon Eye Specialists at (503) 935-5580.

Can cold weather cause dry eyes?

Cold wind and temperatures are drying to your eyes. Your eyes might actually water more than normal as they try to make enough tears to combat the extra dryness.

Learn more about dry eyes, and talk to your eye doctor about the problem. Your doctor can suggest treatment and prevention options, including tips for cold weather eye health.

Does cold make your eyes red?

It can. Check with your doctor if your eyes look red, red-rimmed or swollen after you’ve been out in the cold, especially if you have eye pain or blurry vision. Many conditions can cause red eyes, and some of them are serious.

Ask us about cold weather eye problems

Getting regular general eye exams is the best way to keep your eyes healthy. Learn how often you need one.

If you have watery eyes, dry eyes or any of the eye symptoms above, we’re always happy to help. Request an appointment online or call Oregon Eye Specialists at 503-935-5580. With 10 convenient locations, there’s always one near you.



Cold Weather & Watery Eyes | Swollen, Red & Dry Eyes from Winter Weather

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