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In the Northwest, July is almost sure to be sunny, so UV Safety Month comes right on time. In this post, we tell you what UV awareness means for your eyes, direct you to free UV safety resources and tell you how to find and use the right UV protection.

What are UV rays?

We wrote earlier about UV rays and why you need protection. The important thing to know is that UV radiation is always around, even when it’s cloudy. Your skin and eyes are most at risk.

Download a free PDF about UV radiation’s effects on eyes and skin, with a separate section on UV protection for kids.

Why UV eye safety is important

Sun exposure can contribute to many eye problems, including:

In bright sun, you can even get a sunburn on your eyes, as reporter Anderson Cooper did a couple of years ago. Proper UV protection can prevent this extremely painful condition.

How to protect your eyes from UV rays

Wearing sunglasses with UV protection is the best way to help prevent UV damage. When you buy sunglasses, choose a pair labeled “100% UV protection.” The American Optometric Association has a free sunglasses shopping guide.

For the best protection, choose lenses that protect the sides of your eyes. At Oregon Eye Specialists, our doctors also recommend wearing a hat for outdoor activities.

Are all UV-protected sunglasses the same?

No. Many have a cheap UV lens coating that wears off. The best UV protection is built into the sunglass lens. Don’t know if your sunglasses have UV protection or what kind? Take them to an optician to get them checked.

For summer yard work and certain jobs, UV safety glasses are a must. Learn more about safety glasses.

Find top quality UV protection for your eyes

The Sight Shops have glasses to fit every budget and style, including sunglasses with UV protection, polarized sunglasses, designer and prescription sunglasses. Talk to us about children’s UV eye safety and UV safety glasses, too. Find a Sight Shop near you, and stay safe in the sun this summer!

UV Protection Month: What are UV Rays & Why You Need Protection

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