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Oregon Eye Specialists’ Vision to Serve – Dr. Devin M. Gattey

Throughout this season of giving, we want to honor our providers who have given their time serving in a variety of surgical outreach opportunities, both near and far. Our global outreach includes Dr. Devin M. Gattey who partners with Cure Blindness to eliminate preventable and curable blindness throughout the developing world.  In 2017 and 2019, he traveled with Cure Blindness to Aksum, a city in northern Ethiopia, where his team performed 550 cataract surgeries in five days in a modest hospital operating room. He has made 15 outreach trips in his capacity as an eye surgeon to places like India, Vietnam, Guatemala and Paraguay, and he developed a training program at OHSU Casey Eye Institute for doctors who want to practice in such places.

“One of the most fulfilling moments of my life occurred in Ethiopia when we pulled off the bandages of a patient who had undergone cataract surgery in both eyes the day before. She had been blind for years and now could see. Everyone in the room began singing songs of joy. It was emotionally overwhelming.” – Dr. Devin Gattey. 

The Season of Giving – Dr. Devin M. Gattey, Cure Blindness

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