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As homeowners enter their golden years, some might prefer to stay in their homes as long as they can — commonly called “aging in place.” This can be a more complicated task than a lot of people realize, especially if they have older homes or houses with multiple floors. Taking a systematic approach to people’s needs for aging in place yields a long list of tasks. Completing most of them in advance can provide a better guarantee of accessibility for residents even decades into the future. This guide helps homeowners determine various aspects they should consider in each room, and ways they can improve their accessibility. Although most people might not require every measure in order to be able to remain independent in their homes, the knowledge will make planning the most important home improvements more effective. On the other hand, some may decide these modifications are not realistic for their current situation and will opt for moving to a new home or assisted living community. At the end of the day, housing choices are all about what makes the most sense for an individual’s wants and needs, and knowledge can help us make these informed decisions with confidence.

Table of Contents

The Golden Years - Age-in-Place Home Improvements

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