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From baseball spring training to basketball March Madness, sports are in full swing. Sports goggles designed for kids will keep your child’s eyes safe when he or she is active this season.

Do kids need sport goggles or sports glasses?

Yes! Nine in 10 sports eye injuries are preventable with proper sports eyewear. Baseball, basketball and racquet sports pose the highest risk of eye injuries, along with fishing and full-contact martial arts.

Sports sunglasses are a must for kids and adults. Wondering about sports goggles for spring skiing? Learn more.

What’s the best sports eyewear?

Kids’ sports eyewear should be appropriate for the sport, comfortable and well fitting. If sports glasses or goggles are uncomfortable or uncool, kids will leave them on the bench.

Sports goggles are stronger than sports glasses to resist higher impact. The right sports eyewear depends on the sport, and proper eyewear carries an ASTM rating. Find ratings for different sports.

Polycarbonate lenses are ideal for soccer, field hockey, basketball and racquet sports. Kids who play baseball, ice hockey or lacrosse need a helmet with a polycarbonate face shield.

Talk to your child’s coach and share information on sports eye protection from the American Academy of Ophthalmology if necessary.

Where can I find sports eyewear for kids?

The best sports eyewear is professionally fitted so you know it’s right for the sport, comfortable, fits well and even flatters your child’s face.

The Lake Grove Sight Shop carries Rec Specs for kids and adults in a range of styles and colors. All the Sight Shops carry sports glasses, sunglasses and goggles in prescription and non-prescription models. With eight convenient locations, there’s sure to be a Sight Shop near you.

Do adults need sports eye protection?

Yes. Trips to the emergency room, time off work and eye damage are potential consequences of taking an elbow in that pickup basketball game. Popular racquet sports carry a high risk of eye injury and skiing, snowboarding or boating without sports sunglasses can lead to painful eye sunburn.

Visit a Sight Shop to find the right sports eyewear.

What if I already wear glasses or contacts?

Regular glasses don’t provide sports eye protection, and contacts can absorb irritating dust and debris. Prescription sports eyewear is available for sports from running to snorkeling.

The Sight Shop can put your prescription in sports goggles, sports sunglasses or a custom mask for the best protection and improved performance.

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Eye Safety: Importance of Sports Goggles for Kids and Adults

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