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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently proposed new warning labels for cigarettes and cigarette advertising. The labels aim to better show how smoking harms health. The new warnings include some harmful effects that people may not associate with smoking. Two of the new warnings focus on the leading causes of blindness in the United States:

Two of the FDA’s 13 new proposed cigarette warning labels feature effects of smoking that are linked to eyes and vision.

Current labels are “virtually invisible to both smokers and nonsmokers — not attracting much attention and not leaving a very memorable impression of the risks of smoking,” according to the FDA.

The proposed warnings would use realistic images and additional text. The updated warning text describes in more detail how smoking damages the body.

Smoking can also lead to other eye conditions, including:

The American Academy of Ophthalmology has long recommended people stop smoking and avoid secondhand smoke. Staying smoke-free decreases your risk of developing serious health problems.

The proposed rule is open for public comments through Oct. 15. The FDA is particularly seeking comments on the content of the warnings and how many warnings to create. The warning labels would appear on all cigarette packages and advertisements in the United States.

Proposed Cigarette Labels Illustrate Risks of Smoking, Including Blindness

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