Do you know how to care for your contact lenses correctly? Whether you just got contacts or have worn them for years, proper contact lens care is essential. Oregon Eye Specialists offers a free contact lens care guide.

Contact lens wear is generally very safe, but because contacts are worn in your eyes, any dirt, bacteria, viruses, or imperfections in the lenses can infect and irritate your eyes quickly. Some infections, such as acanthamoeba keratitis, can cause severe symptoms and vision loss.

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Contact lens care instructions

Did you know contact lenses are classified as medical devices? They must be prescribed by a licensed eye care provider. You should get contact lens care instructions with your prescription.

Questions about contact lens care and maintenance?

If you have questions after reading our free contact lens care guide, please get in touch! Oregon Eye Specialists has contact lens specialists at several of our 10 convenient locations. Call 503-935-5580 or request an appointment. Our eye doctors can answer your questions, demonstrate proper contact lens care, do a complete eye exam and make sure your lenses are right for you.