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Though a lot has changed since we opened our doors more than 25 years ago, our dedication to serving people across the state of Oregon has remained constant.

From our perspective, delivering the highest-quality eye care in the Northwest involves a human, relational element between our providers and patients. We see you as more than a filled appointment or medical chart – we see you as a person seeking to improve your life through our care.

Our providers don’t take this responsibility lightly. Along with providing innovative care with an unbeatable attention to detail, our staff forms meaningful, long-term relationships with you.

Hear more about our approach in the words of our staff at Oregon Eye Specialists:

Treating patients like family

Our providers know that every interaction with our patients has the potential to improve lives. Just as we care deeply about our own loved ones, we show you the same respect and attention to detail.

My greatest joy as a physician is teaching my patients about their conditions while working to end their discomfort. I try to give each patient the compassion, meticulous attention to detail and efficiency I would want for myself and my family.

Devin Gattey, M.D.

I believe patients want a doctor who truly listens, treats them with kindness, and is up-to-date on the most current treatments. I aim to give patients the highest standard of care—the same care I would want for myself and my family.

Dinelli Monson, M.D.

Building relationships on trust

Many of our patients have been with us since we founded OES more than two decades ago. We don’t take this loyalty for granted – we know that these relationships are built on years of trust, and we are committed to continuing the care that people know and love.

I appreciate developing long-term patient relationships in this supportive environment alongside my colleagues. The kind and compassionate care patients have come to expect from Oregon Eye Specialists is what ultimately made this organization the ideal match for me.

Kevin Riedel, O.D.

I love problem-solving and paying close attention to detail. I also enjoy the relationships formed by taking care of patients over a lifetime.

Kelly Chung, M.D.

Improving patients’ quality of life

Whether our patients are seeking better vision through LASIK surgery or finding the right frames to fit their lifestyle, our ultimate goal is to improve your day-to-day life through our care.

My practice philosophy is to provide each patient with personalized treatment, utilizing the most advanced vision correction technology in a safe and reliable manner. Eye care goes beyond vision – it’s about the quality of my patients’ lives.

Martin Balish, M.D.

The great thing about being an eye physician is that I can help improve the lives of the people I see. It’s important that every patient feels satisfied with our interaction and that all their concerns are addressed. Communication is a high priority, and I’ve enjoyed establishing many rewarding long-term relationships with my patients.

Thomas Crawford, M.D.

Compassionate, quality care

We believe in compassionate delivery of care – and the quality and innovation to back it up.

My patients are my highest priority, and I am dedicated to always delivering compassionate and excellent clinical and surgical care to them.

Jacqueline Ng, M.D.

I am delighted to work at Oregon Eye Specialists. I appreciate working with such renowned ophthalmologists in this innovative and supportive environment.

Brenda Stone, O.D.

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