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Aligning purpose with patient care

Whether we’re providing our patients with clearer vision or encouraging transparent practices, our mission to deliver CLARITY is at the heart of all that we do.


At Oregon Eye Specialists, we cut through ambiguity to provide rich, meaningful experiences for both patients and staff alike. Communication is key to this initiative – we promote open exchanges, to build understanding, and to clarify expectations.

By grounding our environment on trust and communication, we’re supporting our team and our patients in creating remarkable moments each and every day.


Core Values

We live, breathe, and believe a core set of tenets, and they are evident in all we do. We carry these beliefs with us wherever we go – even when we leave our facilities at the end of the day. We know these philosophies work because they apply in all aspects of our lives.


Do the right thing

oes-value-do-the-right-thingIntegrity is core to each and every interaction at Oregon Eye Specialists. We expect our employees and physicians to treat others with the utmost level of respect and to create positive relationships with patients and fellow team members.


Be compassionate

oes-value-be-compassionateOregon Eye Specialists is founded on exceptional care – a principle which applies both inside and outside the exam room. Even when faced with challenges, we treat everyone with patience, empathy, and kindness.

Deliver excellence

oes-value-deliver-excellenceWe constantly push ourselves to reach new heights. Every day presents opportunities to learn from past experiences, share best practices, and try something new. By setting our expectations high, we can provide unprecedented service for our clients.


Own it

oes-value-own-itWe empower our team members to take ownership of their domain. At Oregon Eye Specialists, we believe that each of us is responsible for the quality of the work we produce, the experiences we help to create, and the relationships we form. Each employee can count on one another to be fully present and prepared, as they hold themselves to the same standard of excellence. This environment of accountability helps us focus on what truly matters: providing an exceptional patient experience.


The true north of Oregon Eye Specialists

In every interaction, we use these guiding principles as a compass for making informed decisions. By living these values out, we’re reminded of our purpose every day at OES – and we believe that we and our patients are better off for it.

Meet the people at the heart of
Oregon Eye Specialists.

Guiding Principles

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