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In the old days of trusted family doctors and house calls, you could ask your doctor anything. He or she was the one who answered all your questions. Your doctor was one of the people you trusted most.

At Oregon Eye Specialists, our goal is to be that kind of resource for you. Our doctors specialize in all types of eye care and treat patients of all ages.Through this blog, they will share their knowledge and give answers to questions on a variety of eye care topics. In the blog entries, we’ll also point you to the most reliable online resources for eye care information.

Of course, your appointment is a good time to talk with your doctor about specific concerns. But we hope our blog is another place you look for information on eye care, eye diseases and conditions and the latest developments in eyewear styles and technology. We will update the Oregon Eye Specialists blog regularly, so check back often to see what we’re talking about.

Our physicians’ technical skill, broad experience and compassion combine with advanced technology to give you the healthiest eyes and best vision possible. In this blog, Oregon Eye Specialists shares that skill, experience and compassion with you. We believe patient education and good communication with your doctor are the keys to improving your vision … and your life.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our blog, and please come back often.

Welcome to Oregon Eye Specialists' Blog

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