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New Tecnis Symfony lens helps patients see near, intermediate, and far better than ever!

Intraocular lenses (IOLs) are key to successful cataract surgery outcomes—and at Oregon Eye Specialists, we offer the most advanced lens implants after cataract removal. Today’s IOL technology can give you better vision – often without glasses – than before cataract surgery. With premium IOLs, many people never need glasses after cataract surgery, or only wear them occasionally.

Oregon Eye Specialist surgeons are enthusiastically utilizing a new advanced intraocular lens technology for cataract surgery patients. Released in mid-2016, the Tecnis Symfony intraocular lens implant is an exciting advancement in the field.

Cataracts are a common condition, with almost 4 million cataract surgeries performed each year. An intraocular lens is a necessary feature of cataract surgery to replace the natural lens of the eye, which has become cloudy and requires removal.

Surgeons explain the benefits of the Tecnis Symfony lens

The intraocular lens most commonly used in cataract surgery is a monofocal lens which allows the person to see at one focal point without glasses—with objects at other distances being out of focus. The Symfony was developed with features to improve both the range and quality of vision.

Oregon Eye Specialists ophthalmologist Dr. Jacqueline Ng is a skilled surgeon in cataract surgery and advanced lens implant technology, and a variety of corneal procedures including a wide repertoire of corneal transplant techniques.

Says Dr. Ng, “The special features of the Symfony lens are that:

  • Patients can see distant and near with this lens, restoring some of the function that we lose when we hit middle age
  • There is a higher vision quality with this lens compared to previous lenses in this category, and
  • Astigmatism correction is available in this lens allowing us to treat a higher range of patient eye shapes more successfully!”

Dr. Ng isn’t the only Oregon Eye Specialists surgeon who appreciates the Symfony lens’s benefits. Dr. Kelly Chung has taught comprehensive ophthalmology and cataract surgery to dozens of residents, and instructed eye surgeons around the world in new techniques.

“I’ve been performing cataract surgery for 25 years, and although we have such happy patients almost universally, the “wow” factor of this lens implant is amazing!” says Dr. Chung. “I recently implanted the Symfony lens in a practicing cataract surgeon—someone who understandably has high demands for excellent quality of vision—and he was ecstatic with the results.”

Lean on the experts to help your IOL decision process

Dr. Devin Gattey, who practices comprehensive ophthalmology with a special interest in complex cataract surgery and advanced lens implants, explains how your surgeon can advise you in the IOL decision process.

“We have many intraocular lens options,” says Dr. Gattey. “Each have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages depending on each individual’s situation and other eye conditions. A good surgeon will help guide a patient to choose the lens that will help them achieve the best that the technology can offer, given their eye and their lifestyle and desires.”

If you’re considering cataract surgery, talk to your doctor about different lens options—our experts can guide you to make the best decision for you, and to help you achieve better vision and a better life.

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Introducing new IOL technology at Oregon Eye Specialists

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