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Written By: Kierstan Boyd

Your ophthalmologist will ask about your symptoms and check your vision and eye movement. The doctor will use an ophthalmoscope—an instrument with a light and a small magnifying lens—to get a good look inside the eye.

Certain imaging tests may be done. These help the ophthalmologist look at the tumor as well as see if the cancer has spread.

biopsy is usually needed. This is where a sample of tissue or cells is taken to be looked at with a microscope and tested. For a biopsy, an ophthalmologist usually does a procedure called a vitrectomy. This is where they insert tiny instruments into the eye and take samples of the jelly-like vitreous.

How is eye lymphoma treated?

Eye lymphoma usually is treated with chemotherapy and external radiation therapy (or sometimes a combination of both).

Chemotherapy is taking medication to kill cancer cells. It can be given directly in the eye, through a vein, or directly into fluid in the spine.

Radiation therapy uses beams of very high energy to shrink tumors and kill cancer cells. Radiation may be targeted only at the affected eye or at both eyes, depending upon where the cancer is.

Radiation therapy may also be targeted to the brain and spinal cord. This can help prevent cancer from spreading there or help destroy hidden cancer cells.

If you have any questions about eye lymphoma, be sure to ask. Your ophthalmologist is committed to protecting your sight.

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Eye Lymphoma Diagnosis and Treatment

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