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Wondering when to get an eye exam? If it’s been a while or you’ve never had one, you should know that your eyes benefit from checkups just like the rest of you. Read on to learn why age 40 is important and when to get an eye exam at other ages.

Do I really need to get an eye exam?

Yes, even if you think your eyes are healthy. Getting an eye exam before problems appear helps your physician establish a basis—what doctors call a “baseline”—for later exams, when eye problems become more likely.

Your eyes can also give important clues to your general health.

Watch a humorous video on eye exams and eye health myths.

Eye care begins at 40

You’ve heard the saying “Life begins at 40?” Preventive eye care should, too. The risk of eye disease and other health conditions rises with age, and several of the most common eye diseases, including glaucoma and diabetic eye disease, cause no symptoms at first. Without regular eye exams, these diseases can cause significant damage before being found.

Why an age 40 eye exam?

Getting an eye exam at 40 is important because age-related changes tend to start appearing around now. You might have noticed some already. Do you find yourself enlarging the font on your computer screen or avoiding night driving? Those could be signs of age-related change.

Learn more about eye exams at age 40 from the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

What happens at a general eye exam?

Your eye doctor examines the front and back parts of your eye and does some tests to check your eye health. Learn more about the exam and tests.

What if my eye exam shows a problem?

Your doctor can recommend steps for prevention and treatment. Many common eye conditions and health problems that show up in the eye are very treatable.

Your exam might also help solve a problem you didn’t realize was eye-related. For example, specialized glasses or a new contact lens prescription can decrease headaches and eyestrain. Polarized sunglasses or safety goggles can help you enjoy sports and work activities more comfortably.

When to get an eye exam at different ages

When to get an eye exam is one of the most common questions we hear at Oregon Eye Specialists. Discover when you should get an eye exam.

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Learn more about eye exams

Eye Exams at Age 40 | When You Need to Get an Eye Exam

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