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“I walked out of the office with my eyes feeling better than they had felt in years”.
— Judy Hall, Marietta, GA

Judy Hall suffered from Dry Eye for years after several eye surgeries to correct crossed eyes and angle-closure glaucoma. She needed cataract surgery as well but was always told her eyes were too dry. Having exhausted all other dry eye treatment options and desperate for relief from the “knives sticking in [her] eyes”, Judy discovered LipiFlow. Upon a formal assessment and diagnosis, she learned her Dry Eye was related to a lack of oil production caused by Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). MGD is a disorder resulting from blockages of Meibomian Glands, in the eyelid, preventing the distribution of oils that protect tears from evaporation. After receiving the LipiFlow treatment, Judy had the relief she had been seeking for years.

We love hearing from our patients that have experienced the revolutionary LipiFlow treatment. It is heartwarming and comforting to hear how much relief our Dry Eye treatment technologies are bringing to patients all around the world.

Judy’s account of her Lipiflow experience is consistent with thousands of other patients who are experiencing similar results. If you or someone you know is suffering from Dry Eye, it may be caused by Meibomain Gland Dysfunction (MDG) and Lipiflow can be the answer for you. Find a LipiFlow doctor near you for a comprehensive Dry Eye evaluation.

Judy’s Testimonial:

My Experience with the Lipiflow System

My name is Judy Hall and I would like to share with you my experience of dry eyes and the Lipflow system. As a two-pound twin, I was born with crossed eyes. I’ve had various surgeries connected with that over the years and also had the laser procedure for angle-closure glaucoma. My eyes had become painfully dry – it felt like a knives sticking in my eyes. The only time they were comfortable was when it was raining. I’ve used all the over-the-counter drops and Restasis. Nothing helped. I’ve even tried the serum drops made from my blood – which are soothing for five seconds – but not healing. Warm compresses didn’t help. Sometimes I would walk around with frozen gel pack on a painful eye held in place with a headband which made me look like a pirate. In 2012, my husband and I were celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary with a party for 125 guests arriving from six states. The day before the party, my eyes were so dry that I could not bear to open them or even be in a lighted room. Steroid drops managed to get me to the party, but nothing has helped correct the situation permanently.

Then an email came from my Dr’s office about Lipiflow. I immediately googled all the sites I could find about it. We decided if the exam proved it would help, I would do it. I think I was number 16 on the list to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lee. The examination was impressive. There was a large TV-like screen that could look at my eyes and diagnose problems. The examination showed that I do blink with my lids fully closed – apparently some people don’t blink fully. It also showed that I make less than 50% of the tears I need – which is one diagnosis. And the second diagnosis was Evaporative Dry Eye because the screen showed no “oil slick” colors that would present if the Meibomian glands were functioning properly. The oil from the Meibomian glands helps keep what tears I do have from evaporating.

Dr. Lee felt the Lipiflow treatment would be helpful – and we agreed to try it. First, he put numbing drops in my eyes. Then he placed two white opaque disks (like large contact lenses) in my eyes. Attached to these were something sort of like a “Chip Clip” that attached to my lower lids. These two devices were attached by wires to a machine located on a table behind my chair. Then the “chip clips” started to warm my lids. It FELT WONDERFUL! After a couple of minutes of the warming, the machine made a sound rather like a cow mooing. This caused the “chip clips” to massage the Meibomian glands in my lids. The entire procedure took less than ten minutes and was totally comfortable – in fact it felt GOOD. When Dr. Lee took the devices our of my eyes, he said, “let me take this cotton swab and wipe some of the excess oil from under your eyes.” Really? Wow! He also said that the Lipiflow had removed the “Sludge” from the glands and it would take a few days for the oil to build back up in the lands, but then the oil should make my eyes feel better.

I walked out of the office with my eyes feeling better than they had felt in years. I needed cataract surgery in both eyes, but they didn’t want to do it because of the dryness. Within a month of having the Lipiflow procedure, both cataracts were removed. My eyes still feel so much better than they did before I had the Lipiflow procedure. Find a doctor and learn more about your dry eye and MGD treatment options.

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Dry Eye - LipiFlow Testimonial

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