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Why Is Mom Always In Tears?

This story is not a case of Mom going through any major emotional trauma, hearing devastating news or suffering from a bout of depression.  Mom is going to be OK, even if she is always in tears, but only if she addresses the potential cause of her excessive tears.

What could this tearing up be about? Mom seems fine. She is smiling. She does the balancing act as only moms can do with work, kids and other family and life obligations.  Believe it or not, all those tears could be from Dry Eye.  Yes, sounds strange that tearing up is from Dry Eye, but that is often the case.

Unfortunately, women are more susceptible to Dry Eye symptoms than men, and the increased use of digital devices is another contributing factor that burdens us all.  It’s also another one of those wonderful potential downstream issues that arise from using birth control and for women going through menopause.  If you are a mom or you have noticed Mom frequently tearing up with an incessant need to reach for eye drops, then you know how annoying Dry Eye symptoms can be.

Your Dry Eye symptoms are most likely the result of blocked oil glands in your eyelids called Meibomian glands. This condition is called Meibomian Gland Dysfunction or MGD. The gland blockages prevent the oils from protecting the tear film and keeping your eyes moist.  This blockage can trigger the glands that release the watery part of your tears (Lacrimal glands) to start working overtime to compensate for the dryness.  So Mom, if you’re tearing up and all your emotions are in check, you may want to go see your eye doctor and get checked for MGD, the leading cause of Dry Eye.  It’s treatable and it’s important to catch MGD early because once it becomes chronic, long-term damage to the glands may become permanent.

Don’t worry, Mom: you can potentially address those Dry Eye tears and clear those Meibomian gland blockages with a simple 12-minute LipiFlow treatment.  Hundreds of thousands of women just like you, and men with MGD, have been successfully treated with LipiFlow. 

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Why is Mom Always in Tears? The answer may be Dry Eye

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