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Mission Cataract: Lions’ Vision for All — The Lion’s Club International Foundation

“Mission Cataract allows me to make a difference in the lives of Portlanders who cannot afford or access surgical eye care.  With the generous donation of time and resources from the staff at Portland’s Westside Surgery Center, I have been able to treat over 30 patients with cataract surgery, using advanced technology IOL’s, at zero cost to the patient. ” — Dr. Martin Balish

Since 1990, the SightFirst program has played a key role in reducing global blindness. It is only through the collaborative efforts of Lions, our partners, local health authorities, eye care professionals and other non-governmental organizations that SightFirst has been able to help 30 million people have improved or restored vision. SightFirst projects reach populations that are under-served or that have limited or no access to eye healthcare services. Dr. Balish partners with the Lions Club International to provide eye exams and cataract surgery for those in need.

During this season of giving we honor the volunteer efforts of Dr. Balish who has served locally and throughout the world to cure blindness. Thank you Dr. Balish!

Dr. Martin J. Balish - Mission Cataract: Lions Vision for All

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