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“I have done several trips with Medical Teams International (formerly NW Medical Teams) to Mexico and El Salvador. What a thrill it was to take off the bandages the day after cataract surgery in people who were previously blind, allowing them to see the first time in years! Now that there are so many uninsured and under-insured people in our state of Oregon, I have been providing this same service locally in conjunction with Project Access, offering free eye care and surgery to indigent patients who live in Portland.” — Dr. Jennifer L. Lyons

Project Access NOW connects low-income people to the care they need by partnering with care providers, hospitals, clinics and other community-based organizations to address the health care system’s limitations in Portland, Oregon. In addition, project Access NOW works to connect patients to affordable prescription medication, and provides safe discharge services from the emergency room, such as transportation and medical assistance. Dr. Lyons volunteers her time for Project Access NOW and has worked with Medical Teams International.

During this season of giving we honor the volunteer efforts of Dr. Lyons who has served locally and throughout the world to cure blindness. Thank you Dr. Lyons!

Dr. Jennifer L. Lyons - Project Access NOW & Medical Teams International

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