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“It is wonderful to be able to help youth and adults erase the gang and hate tattoos from their body and watch them transform their lives.” – Dr. Christen K. Richard

Project Erase, a division of Portland, Ore., non-profit Outside In, removes unwanted tattoos on a very low cost sliding fee scale, using a Quanta Q+C laser. This popular tattoo removal program has helped thousands of people erase the emotionally painful reminders of their past by removing tattoos that can be social barriers. Tattoo removal provides a gateway to employment, increased self-esteem and improved social mobility. Dr. Richard is one of 27 physicians that volunteer with Project Erase.

During this season of giving we honor the volunteer efforts of Dr. Richard who has served locally and throughout the world to cure blindness. Thank you Dr. Richard!

Dr. Christen K. Richard - Outside In - Project Erase

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