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In our digital age, the accommodative system associated with our vision is being challenged like never before, especially for our kids.

Look at any pack of teens, tweens or tikes and most of them have their faces just inches from a smartphone or tablet. Watching TV has become a multiple-medium event and schools are moving towards tablet based textbooks.

The frequency kids are alternating between distances and near, convergence and divergence, is higher than ever before and on the rise.

What are we seeing in the exam room? More complaints of blurred vision, headaches and fatigue. Parents are sharing their kids are having a hard time with reading, the need to take special classes, and employing tutors due to trouble focusing in class.

Our vision accommodative system cannot handle these changes! So what can we do to help you?

Asking More Questions

We have been adding questions to patient questionnaires for children and specifically asking about their digital media habits, sleep patterns, grades, if they are having trouble reading in school, have they been tutored, or have special classes been suggested. These are not signs of behavior or intelligence issues, these are vision issues!

More Demonstrations

When we have a child in the chair with Digital Eye Strain symptoms we have them read. Then we do a variety of what may look like simple exercises or tests,

Sync Lenses from HOYA

We have seen success with Sync from HOYA. Sync is a single vision lens that offers a little extra plus power activated across the bottom of the lens. This small amount of added power can make a big difference in comfort during a long day in front of digital devices

Sometimes a child does not need vision correction, though we’ll prescribe glasses with Sync and Recharge AR treatment to help alleviate the symptoms related to Digital Eye Strain.

Sync is covered by many vision plan and is part of our frame and lens packages designed just for kids. 

HOYA – Recharge

At home and work our lives are driven by technology. Are you among the 83% who experience eye discomfort during and after device use? Overexposure to blue light emitted from your devices can lead to red and irritated eyes, eye strain, body fatigue, headaches and sleeplessness.

Now you can control and neutralize blue light with Recharge from HOYA, available only at Oregon Eye Specialists Optical Sight Shops. Enjoy more comfortable relaxed vision while reducing eye strain and fatigue. Call us for an appointment today.

Digital Eye Strain The new normal is here. And you might not like it.

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