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Is it normal to need lower power reading glasses after cataract surgery?

Can a cataract cause monocular diplopia?How far will I see with a distance IOL implanted?

Can you have cataract surgery again if pressure is high?

Why is my vision still blurry after having cataract surgery a year ago?

Is MRI safe one week after cataract surgery?

Why do I see halos with my multifocal lens?

Will my aunt’s surgery be successful if she refuses eye drops afterwards?

Will cataract surgery repair my worsening nearsightedness?

Why do binoculars eliminate my IOL halos?

Can I competitively box after cataract surgery?

Can distance vision fluctuate after cataract surgery?

Is laser surgery better for my cataract type?

Will I become blind from delayed cataract surgery?

How can I help elderly patient who doesn’t want cataract surgery?

Can I still have cataract surgery if the coronavirus is still around in about a month?

Are cataracts worsening my dizziness from Meniere’s disease?

Can I have corneal and cataract surgery at the same time?

Will a monofocal IOL improve myopia as well as a toric IOL?

Which type of cataract surgery is better with dry eye?

Is cataract surgery recommended on a patient with high IOP?

Can I massage my client after their recent cataract surgery?

When can my 8-month-old get IOLs after having cataracts removed at birth?

Will dull colors brighten after my second cataract surgery?

Does laser-corrected astigmatism change the pre-determined strength of IOL?

Will sodium chloride solution resolve corneal edema after cataract surgery?

Can I remove my dermolipoma for cosmetic reasons?

What IOL is best if I’ve had a stroke?What OTC eye drops can I use after my cataract surgery?

Can YAG laser capsulotomy be done with PVD in both eyes?

How will drops for cataract surgery affect myasthenia gravis?

Can I get IOLs with prism correction?

Will secondary cataract surgery worsen my AMD?

Does cataract surgery with nearsightedness have higher risk of retinal problems?

Can YAG laser disturb a toric lens after cataract surgery?

Can cataract surgery be done without sedation?

Can you have an eyelash lift two weeks before cataract surgery?

Should you have YAG before having cataract surgery on the second eye?

Can the muzzle flashes from a tank firing cause cataracts?

Should I have cataract surgery in my second eye if my vision is still good?

Should I have skin tags removed before cataract surgery?

Will cataract surgery help with my watering eyes?

How are my son’s cancer-related cataracts monitored?

Why would a doctor place a contact lens on a patient’s eye after cataract surgery?

Can I fix my misshapen macula after cataract surgery?

How do I treat my keratitis if I’m a steroid responder?

Will my IOL correct my lazy eye after cataract surgery?

Why is my vision not sharp after cataract surgery?

What is the best treatment option for corneal edema?

Why do I have to have LASIK done after I have had YAG surgery?

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