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Itchy eyes. Swollen eyes. Redness and watering that nothing seems to stop. If allergies are the cause of your red eyes, some simple remedies can bring relief.

Do you have eye allergies?

If you already have allergies, red eyes might simply be one of the symptoms. Do you also have:

  • An itchy nose?
  • Sneezing?
  • Congestion in your nose or throat?
  • A hoarse voice?

If red, itchy and swollen eyes go along with these symptoms, chances are your eyes are also suffering seasonal allergy symptoms. The medical name for eye allergy symptoms is allergic conjunctivitis.

Seasonal allergy relief

If your allergy symptoms start at certain times, like spring or fall, talk to your primary care doctor about allergy medicines that can bring relief. Treating seasonal allergies can relieve many symptoms, including itchy, swollen eyes.

Refresh TearsEye allergy relief

To relieve red, watery and itchy eyes, you can:

  • Try over-the-counter allergy eye drops, such as ketotifen (Alaway, Zaditor and other brands). Prescription allergy eye drops are more effective for some people, so talk to an eye doctor if the non-prescription drops don’t relieve your allergy symptoms.
  • Use artificial tears, such as GenTeal or Refresh Tears. Some artificial tears are made specifically to help with eye allergies. Look for a formula that says “no preservatives” to be on the safe side. Some people are allergic to the preservatives used in artificial tears. They can make your red, swollen eyes worse.
  • Place a washcloth soaked in cool water over your eyes for temporary relief.

Learn more about eye allergy treatments.

Make an appointment

If your eyes are swollen, itchy and watery after trying these allergy relief tips, talk to an eye doctor. The doctors at Oregon Eye Specialists can talk to you about eye allergy symptoms and diagnose any other conditions that are causing your symptoms. Request an appointment online or call us at 503-935-5580.

Itchy Allergy Eye Relief: How to Treat Red, Swollen Eyes

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