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The Sight Shop offers the latest prescription eyewear in single-vision, bifocal, trifocal and progressive (no-line) lenses. For prescription sunglasses, we offer customized lenses with frames by Oakley, Maui Jim and other leading designers. Our sunglasses protect your eyes from glare and damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays and give you the best vision for outdoor activities.

We take pride in helping you choose the right lenses for your eye health, vision and lifestyle. Your Sight Shop optician can assess your needs and help you select the optimal lenses.

All Sight Shop lenses include:

  • Scratch protection
  • Full ultraviolet (UV) blocking to protect your eyes
  • The Sight Shop Promise – 1-year minimum warranty on frames

Using our own lens manufacturing laboratory and independent supplier network allows us to offer a wide array of lens designs, including customized solutions. Our experts maintain full control over the accuracy and effectiveness of your lenses.

Single-vision lenses

If you need glasses to see objects at a distance, you’ll wear single-vision lenses. Your Oregon Eye Specialists physician will examine your eyes, consult with you and work with your Sight Shop optician to make sure your prescription is crafted precisely, giving you the best vision.   

The Sight Shop offers a wide selection of single-vision lenses. We have materials and finishes to fit every budget and lifestyle need, from active sports to extended computer wear.

Bifocal and trifocal lenses

If you need glasses to see both up close and at a distance, you’ll probably wear bifocals. In addition to giving you clear distance vision, bifocals correct presbyopia. This is the natural decrease of ability to focus on near objects that occurs with aging.

The lenses of bifocals are divided into two focus areas: a bottom area for near vision and a top area for distance. If you look closely, you’ll see the thin horizontal line that divides these areas of focus.

Trifocals have three focus areas: bottom (near vision), middle (intermediate distance) and top (distance vision). Two thin horizontal lines divide these areas.

If you and your Oregon Eye Specialists physician decide that bifocals or trifocals are your best choice, talk to your Sight Shop optician. We have a wide selection of attractive, comfortable lenses, with frames to fit every budget, face shape and lifestyle need. 

Progressive (no-line) lenses

Progressive lenses are bifocal or trifocal lenses with no visible lines dividing the focus areas. More of the lens is taken up by the transition between areas, so each focus area is slightly smaller than with bifocals or trifocals. However, many people prefer the no-line look. Careful selection is essential to making the most of your progressive lenses. 

When it comes to progressive lenses, The Sight Shop’s commitment to quality sets us apart. While chain stores and online retailers offer standard progressives, sometimes at low prices, our experienced opticians find these basic lenses are not adequate for most patients. Drawbacks include:

  • A small reading area
  • A narrower corridor (area of optimum lens power)
  • More distortion when looking through the lens transition areas
  • Poor function in smaller frames

Standard progressives are made by modifying a one-size-fits-all lens for every patient’s vision. At The Sight Shop, we know your eyes are unlike anyone else’s. We make your glasses to fit your eye health, vision and lifestyle.

The Sight Shop’s progressive lens options

Good progressive lenses

A popular choice with many Sight Shop patients, these lenses are made with traditional methods of grinding the surface. They are the best non-customized progressives available. Compared to the most basic progressives offered by chain stores and online retailers, they have:

  • Significantly better reading area
  • Better corridors (area of optimum lens power)
  • Less distortion in the lens transition areas

Brands include the Hoya Summit ECP, the Hoya Summit CD, the Varilux Comfort and the Younger Image. Lens prices start at $225.

Better progressive lenses

These lenses are made with a combination of traditional lens grinding and digital surfacing. More Sight Shop patients are choosing this lens type, which offers greater customization to your individual prescription. Compared to our good progressive lenses, they have:

  • Significantly larger reading area
  • Significantly larger corridor (area of optimum lens power)
  • Greatly reduced peripheral distortion of your vision

Brands include the Hoya iD Lifestyle, the Varilux Physio and the Zeiss GT2 3D. Lens prices start at $325.

Best progressive lenses

The Sight Shop’s best progressive lenses make use of the best technology available today. All surfaces are digitally created, and fully customized to your prescription. Compared to all other progressive lenses, they offer:

  • The largest reading segment size, in any frame design you choose
  • The largest corridor (area of optimum lens power)
  • The greatest possible clarity in transition areas

This digital technology has been available since 2007, so The Sight Shop’s opticians and optical laboratory are experienced at creating these customized lenses. They deliver the best possible vision with progressive lenses.

Brands include the Hoya InStyle, the Varilux Physio 360 and the Zeiss Individual. Lens prices start at $495.

Lenses and frames for every budget

Our commitment to quality doesn’t mean we only offer luxury products. All our frames are designed for everyday use and are competitively priced. We accept most vision insurance plans, and our opticians will work with you to create an eyewear solution that fits your budget. The Sight Shop’s high-quality frame and lens packages start at just $99.

The Sight Shop Promise

All frames and lenses purchased at The Sight Shop come with our industry leading warranty. Your vision is important to us, so we stand behind our products: all frames and lenses are warranted to be free of manufacturer defects for a period of 12 months. We will replace, free of charge, any defective frame or lens during this warranty period. Please speak with your Sight Shop optician for further details, potential restrictions and/or exclusions to this promise.

Find your Sight Shop

Every Sight Shop is located next door to an Oregon Eye Specialists clinic, so you don’t have to go far to find one. Find your Sight Shop.

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