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Advanced Eye Drop Regimens for Cataract Patients

Post-operative cataract care is an important consideration for patients considering surgery. While improvements in visibility and patient satisfaction are high following cataract surgery, the post-operative eye drop regimen is often the most difficult aspect that patients face in their
treatment plan.



DropLess and LessDrops available at Oregon Eye Specialists

Historically, ophthalmologists have prescribed multiple eye drop regimens after cataract surgery – these antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops help control inflammation and protect against infection as you recover.

But many patients have found it difficult to comply with this traditional treatment plan. The prescribed eye drops are often quite expensive, even with insurance, and administering the treatment dosage (patients are often required to administer eye drops 4 times a day for a month or more) can prove frustrating and difficult.

Fortunately, recent advances in cataract care mean more convenient and cost-effective options for patients.

Reduce Out-of-Pocket Expense and Post-Operative Care

Oregon Eye Specialists is one of the first ophthalmology practices in the Pacific Northwest to provide the innovative DropLess Cataract Surgery and LessDrops combination eye drop regimens – advanced treatments designed to reduce and even eliminate the need for costly prescription eye drops.

Most cataract patients are candidates for these advanced treatment options. Read on to learn more about the DropLess Cataract Procedure and LessDrops post-operative treatment plan – and talk to your doctor about which approach is right for you.

About the DropLess Cataract Procedure 

The surgeons at Oregon Eye Specialists offer patients the option of undergoing an advanced cataract surgery that eliminates the need for pre- and post-operative eye drops. This advanced procedure is known as “DropLess Cataract Surgery” – and involves administration of compounded medication into the eye during the operation.

How DropLess Cataract Surgery works

During DropLess Cataract Surgery, a sterile, compounded formula of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication is deposited into the eye. The drugs are designed for time-released delivery, which means the medication is absorbed by the eye over the course of your month-long recovery period – protecting patients from infection and inflammation without needing drops.

About the LessDrops Eye Drop RegimenLessDrops logo

For those cataract patients seeking a topical alternative to the traditional post-operative eye drop regimen, the LessDrops treatment plan may be right for you.

LessDrops technology allows cataract patients to self-administer post-operative cataract care through an innovative topical combination eye drop. Because LessDrops combines antibiotic and anti-inflammatory treatment into a single prescription, patients deal with more than 50% fewer drops to administer and up to 75% less cost compared to traditional post-surgery eye drop regiments.

Interested in learning more about your options for cataract care and treatment?

Contact the physician team at Oregon Eye Specialists, or visit one of our 10 locations state-wide.

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