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Patient Education

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AAO Handouts

Click on any the following Patient Education handouts for more information:

AREDS – Vitamin & Mineral Supplements Eyelid Spasms Ocular Rosacea
AMD & Nutritional Supplements Floaters and Flashes Posterior Capsulotomy
Amblyopia (lazy eye) Fuchs Dystrophy Presbyopia
Anti-VEGF Treatment for AMD Fluorescein ICG Pterygium and Pinguecula
Bells Palsy Glaucoma Retinal Vein Occlusion
Blepharitis Keratoconus Retinopathy of Prematurity
Carotid Artery Laser Iridotomy Smoking & Eye Disease
Cataracts Macular Degeneration Sources of Lutein-Zeaxanthin
Chalazion Macular Hole Tearing in Adults
Conjunctivitis Macular Pucker Thyroid Eye Disorders
Corneal Abrasion and Erosion Microvascular Cranial Nerve Palsy Vision Therapy
Diabetic Retinopathy Overflow Tearing in Infants

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Because of our commitment to improving the overall eye health of our patients, we are providing the following selection of links you might find interesting and informative. If you have a suggestion for a new link, please use the quick contact us form on the right side of this page. We are always looking for good resources to pass along to our valued patients and website visitors.

  • Oregon Academy of Ophthalmology: Professional association of eye physicians and surgeons who specialize in the medical and surgical treatment of eye diseases and other conditions, and also provide vision care services.
  • American Academy of Ophthalmology: The largest national membership association of Eye MDs with over 7,000 members internationally. The website provides an in-depth look at eye care health, while providing their membership with ongoing learning and support.
  • American Board of Ophthalmology: The ABO is an independent, non-profit organization founded in 1916. This organization is responsible for the certification and continual learning for ophthalmic practices across the country.
  • National Eye Institute: NEI was established by Congress in 1968 to protect and prolong the vision of the American people. Their main purpose is to develop public and professional education programs to help prevent blindness, reduce visual impairment, and increase awareness of services and devices that are available for people with low vision.
  • EyeCare America: A public service program of the Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology with a mission to preserve sight by raising awareness about eye disease and providing access to medical eye care.
  • Glaucoma Research Foundation: A national non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for glaucoma. The website offers free educational resources and support for people with glaucoma and their families.
  • Lighthouse International: Founded by Lighthouse International and produced in conjunction with the Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB), this is an accessible, interactive Internet portal for people who are partially sighted or blind, the professionals who work with them, and people who support them.
  • Fighting Blindness Foundation: Produced by the Foundation Fighting Blindness, this site specifically provides information on retinal degenerative diseases, including causes, current treatments and research and support resources.
  • Macular Degeneration: Provides basic information and FAQs regarding age-related macular degeneration. Features monthly newsletters regarding updates and research on AMD.
  • EyeSmart: Supported by the AAO, this site is a public awareness campaign that empowers individuals to take charge of their eye health.
  • One of the most trusted sources of medical information and up to date news and contains a doctor-approved health encyclopedia of diseases and conditions, the ability to find symptoms and treatments. Also drug information with side effects and interactions.
  • HealthFinder: Features daily health news on a variety of useful topics. Includes some health information sorted by gender, age and race.
  • WebMD: The world’s leading source for trustworthy and timely health and medical news and information. Provides credible health information, supportive community and educational services by blending award-winning expertise in content, community services, expert commentary and medical review.

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