You know Botox injections smooth out facial wrinkles. However, you might not know that Botox is also used to treat some medical problems, including blepharospasm (eyelid spasm or twitching eyelid).


Cosmetic Botox

Botox injections are an effective way to reduce the appearance of mild wrinkles. At Oregon Eye Specialists, we offer cosmetic Botox for wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes. The injections are done in the office using a fine needle, and cause only mild discomfort.

The effects of cosmetic Botox are fully apparent in a week or two and last three or four months. The injections do need to be repeated, but because Botox relaxes facial muscles, existing wrinkles are less evident and new ones do not form as quickly.

Botox for eyelid spasm or eye twitch

If an eyelid twitch lasts more than a week, talk to your doctor. Lifestyle changes, such as reducing caffeine or stress, may help. If there is no underlying medical cause for the eyelid spasm, Oregon Eye Specialists can treat it with Botox injections to relieve the twitch. (As with cosmetic Botox treatments, effects wear off in three or four months, so you might need more than one treatment.)

Other medical uses for Botox

Botox is used to treat many other medical conditions, from chronic migraine to excessive sweating. Botox is also used to treat strabismus (crossed eyes), though it is not the only option for this condition. If you or your child has crossed eyes or any other eye or vision problems, talk to an eye doctor. If you are interested in Botox for other medical conditions, talk to your primary care physician.

Does insurance cover Botox?

Insurance covers Botox for medical conditions such as blepharospasm (eyelid spasm or twitch). Cosmetic Botox, like other cosmetic procedures, is not covered.

Is Botox right for me?

If you are interested in Botox for forehead wrinkles or wrinkles around the eyes, talk to a physician who offers cosmetic Botox treatments. Choosing an experienced provider is important for the best results.

If you have an eyelid spasm or twitch, talk to your eye doctor. An ophthalmologist can help find the cause and treat it.

Interested in Botox for cosmetic reasons or to treat an eyelid twitch? Make an appointment with an experienced Oregon Eye Specialists physician. Request an appointment online or call us at 503-935-5580.

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